About Us

“Reading Is Essential For Those Who Seek To Rise

Above The Ordinary.”

                                                             –  Jim Rohn

Yet another day and as I wanted to be someone not so ordinary as others.

I again started finding out what makes the extraordinary people more productive and here again I found that it’s important to read and many other things.

But let me talk about reading here specifically. It was something I never enjoyed whether it was books or long blogs and again I ignored it.

This ‘again’ had few serious consequences for me to face ahead.

Let me tell you what it was –

  • Getting weak in my communication.
  • Not Knowing pronunciations of many words, the pronunciation was on a later part I didn’t even know the meaning of some of those.
  • Getting my throat dried up and feeling dizzy after speaking for a long time.
  • Had a messed-up intonation (voice modulation).

These all were because I didn’t have the habit of reading and speaking.

Thus, it was important for me to figure out what interests me and makes me read.

It took me a good time to understand that it was short blogs, articles and headlines that made me read and share the same.

It is one year since I am reading and sharing regularly and I have personally experienced the growth in myself. Not only growth in the areas I lacked but also developing new areas of interest such as writing, public speaking, learning new words, languages, etc.

It’s not easy to develop a habit until it interests you and through a poll, I have learned that it’s 84 out of 100 people who don’t like reading long articles, blogs or books and thus they spend their time knowing about things through others which is sometimes also half knowledge or maybe a topic that is a bit manipulated according to someone else’s view.

Are you in your teens or your 20’s or above 30?

It’s time we need to work upon ourselves and start a habit that makes us our day productive and move ahead of the ordinary.

So, Let Me explain what is Three Minutes About.

For a year or so while reading I have noticed a pattern that tells that within the first minute of reading a person gets bored, towards the second minute he/she starts skipping the topic and in the third minute we directly move towards the ending just reading the headlines.

Isn’t it true?

So, what’s here for you?

We are bringing in for you short blogs that you can read and understand within Three Minutes of your busy schedule.

It helps you get into various topics, know about different things and more interestingly its more specific to a certain subtopic. So, if you don’t enjoy a topic you skip to the next one. (I won’t personally advise you to skip any of them because it’s going to be interesting here.)

We have a lot for you from various people who are passionate about their topic who will make you know about their interests in their words and if you want to get much deeper into it we have good another Three Minutes blog which will take you there.

I Nikhil Asudani welcome you.

I hope you enjoy every Three Minutes here.