NIKHIL ASUDANI - Blogger & Editor

I am self – development blogger and Content Writer. I like to share my thoughts about how can we align and find a better version of ourselves.  I believe that to become successful there are few ethics we all must follow and every one of us has different ways to follow it. For me Three Minutes is a way to share myself with others and provide value to them.  I hope I will be able help you stay productive and have a happy life.

Other than this, I am a stock market trader and an Investor, a business head, passionate photographer and a someone for you who can talk to and listen to everyone.


I am a tech enthusiast, discovering the tech world from a long time.

Now, I want to be a part of changing future technology, to give my little contribution for making lives better. Passionate about learning and spreading technical knowledge.

It was great to work on three minutes project as this is one of blogging platform to make people productive and energetic.

I suggest everyone to contribute your time reading the blogs here.

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